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OfExperiences is a platform that enables organizations to retain and engage their women employees through their motherhood journey.

Who are we Talking to

Working Mothers

Working Mothers

Curated set of services to enable expectant, new, and young mothers to create work-life integration

Working Fathers

Working Fathers

Expert-led sessions to enable fathers to navigate the transition into parenthood

Managers and Stakeholders

Managers and Stakeholders

Expert-led sensitization sessions for the stakeholders to assimilate them to the requirements of working mothers.


Let your working mothers know you believe in their continued abilities by providing explicit support.


Be visible as an inclusive organization, enhance your employer brand, and become the ‘employer of choice.


Ensure enhanced productivity and get more women to move up to leadership positions.

Hear from our participants

Divya N Swamy, Zomato

”The biggest takeaway for me from this whole experience was from my interactions with the other moms. It was a comfort to know that there were so many women going through the same journey as me within my own organization.”

Keerthana H, Advanced Bionics

"I got so much more than what I’d expected from the Working Mom Program. Being a new mom, especially a working mom, comes with a lot of guilt (both internal and external), and these sessions have helped me gain a new perspective which has been a key takeaway for me. The program has prepared me to take on new roles in the organization with more confidence. And a special mention to the session on parenting with Dr. Satyen and Dr. Sindhu, which had a great impact on me and my partner. I’ll never forget that session."

Vanshika Saini, Zomato

"Before joining this program, I was on the verge of quitting to be more available for my child. But the program’s sessions helped me realize that this is a temporary phase which will pass, and I will regret giving up on my professional goals at a later stage. Will definitely have to appreciate my coach, who made me feel extremely comfortable through the session and helped me address both personal and professional dilemmas. "

Pinki Rani, Zomato

"I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue working when I returned from my leave. I was unsure of my abilities and didn’t know if I’d be able to balance my career with a baby at home. But the sessions helped me gain more confidence and encouraged me to stay on at work and give my career a genuine go. This program helped me get answers to a lot of my questions and fears and made me realize that I’m not alone in this journey."

Amrita Kamath

"There are always people around that keep giving you advice and information on a million things when you’re returning to work from maternity. This program helps you cut through that noise and only take in information that is beneficial to you."

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We’re excited to collaborate with Google and provide career restart support to the women (returning post a career break) participating in Google’s Digipivot Program with our exclusive assessment!