Why OfExperiences?

Lochan Narayanan
Founder & CEO, OfExperiences

73% of the new mothers in India leave their job post childbirth.

But that isn’t the most alarming statistic. Out of the women that do return, 48% quit their jobs within the first 4 months.

It isn’t surprising that there are only 16% women at the senior leadership positions!

Despite more and more companies offering flexible work options and childcare facilities to their returning mothers, we don’t see a significant improvement in their retention.

With aspects like mom’s guilt, lower self-confidence, and unconscious biases coming into play, women need a lot more than flexible work options to remain in the workforce.

So, what can individuals and organisations do to ensure that women’s careers remain uninterrupted?

As a senior L&D professional with 15+ years of corporate experience and as an ICF certified coach, I’ve had the opportunity to manage, mentor, and coach several women. And I’ve seen what the power of coaching and community support can do for them.

And that’s the core of OfExperiences

As India’s only platform with a focus on working mothers, and a metric-driven approach that yields measurable results, we aim to enable organisations to provide ‘Explicit Support’ to their women employees.

We aim to support all women that are going through their motherhood journey, to feel engaged, involved and perform their best.

Our Partners

Nivedita Dasgupta

Founder, Mindmine Consulting | Founding President, WICCI MH Coach Council

Vinti Mehta

Founder, organization consultant, coach at Co-alchemy Consulting

Vijaya J Singh

Executive and leadership coach

Usha Raghunath

National vice president, Coaching council WICCI

Sunita V

Senior Director, Target Tech

Archana Venkat

Chief Marketing Officer, Trilegal

Anmol Gill

Head Customer Marketing, Bacardi


HR leader

Nidhi Kalra

Leading People Strategy for Pandora, Data and Platform @ Delivery Hero

Shweta Chhabra

VP, Talent Strategy Accenture

Jasneet Kaur

Healthy Habits Coach for Busy Women Professionals

Priyanka Gulati

Founder, Manthan Advisers

Dr. Sindhu Wadhwa

Psychotherapist, behavioural training consultant

Dr. Satyen Sharma

Senior Psychiatrist

Yamika Mehra

Partner, Favcy Venture Builders

Runam Mehta

CEO, Health Cube

Deeksha Khera

Executive and leadership coach

Meeta Gupta

Financial coach, Founder – Moolah for women

Sahana D


We’re excited to collaborate with Google and provide career restart support to the women (returning post a career break) participating in Google’s Digipivot Program with our exclusive assessment!