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OfExperiences is a platform for organizations &
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Support a Cause

Build a niche community. With a shared purpose to further motivate your workforce and align with your organization's goals or personal goals

Build Inclusivity & Diversity

Hire pre-vetted and quality talent with the right behavioural skills to nurture your organization's culture with inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.

Honour The Legacy Of a Loved One

Sponsor programs or launch legacy projects which hold significant meaning for you and create a lasting and positive legacy for your loved ones and keep their memory alive.

Enhance Your Brand Identity

Access to necessary data, resources and tools to strengthen your employer/personal brand, inspire and stand out

Maximise engagement and retention

Engage and interact through fellowship programs and sessions to keep existing talent engaged and cultivate development opportunities.


We make your belief come alive. Support
Talent that you believe in.


Be an ‘employer of choice’ in unexplored talent spaces. Enhance your employer brand. Be visible as an diverse & inclusive organization.


Access to unique talent insights to find the right culture fit. Expand your talent pool. Build more ready & engaged workforce.

Some of our
esteemed sponsors

Hear from our participants

Abhishek Malani - Bharat Innovation Fund

Thank you for ‘not’ giving me the answer but the direction I needed. It was a real boost for me. I’m not sure if it was the MAPP assessment or your skills that you were right on. One important lesson that my coach shared that stayed with me was - in life there are always going to be people better and worse than you. It matters who you compare yourself with, and the right answer is - yourself and no other.”

Samrat Bannerjee - Deustche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit

“It was my third interaction with Prashant Jangwal, as he took my interview, group coaching, and now 1:1 coaching. What I like about him is he is blunt and sticks to the point. Not even a minute of lecturing or gyaanbaazi. He solved my dilemma regarding my career situation objectively by making me realise my frailities and misconceptions. I not only had better clarity about my career situation but also could devise an action plan to try and improve my position in the organisation.”

Lavisha Tulsani - Novobytes

“Thank you OfExperiences team and Prashant Jangwal for this amazing session. Feeling a lot more confident about my career choices and myself. I greatly appreciate the time you took out for me.The valuable skills I’ve learnt from you has given me better clarity, and you’ve inspired and motivated me for my future goals.”

Simpy Gulgat - NIFT, Mumbai

“The coaching session was amazing! Tanuj was so humble and understanding and I’m glad to have him as my coach. He guided me in planning my career path and to work on my personality to be a better version of me. Thank you so much for this initiative. I’m glad to be part of this journey!”

Yukti Wadhwa - Zomato

“The over arching feeling of ‘not being the only one’ was something I felt every session. The program exceeded my expectations many times over and I’m glad to have been a part of it!”

Ranjeeta Yadav - Zomato

”The highlight of my program was being part of a group that was in the same situation as I was. I also found the 1:1 sessions with my coach extremely insightful and helpful, finding answers to questions on prioritisation and dealing with anxiety.”

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What is the OfExperiences Fellowship program and how is it different from other programs?

The OfExperiences Fellowship is an exclusive program that equips atypical talent to navigate career transitions. We associate with organisations and individuals that look to hire, engage, or enable specific talent pools.

How does OfExperiences ensure quality of its Fellows?

We follow a 4 step selection process that includes written assessments, group coaching, and in-person interviews to ensure the aptitude and intent of the applicant. The Fellows also need to complete the minimum eligibility parameters specified in the program to gain the Fellowship.

Is the OfExperiences Fellowship only for women?

Women are a key focus segment we work with , however we are gender neutral and we do run programs for all genders.

Can the program be customised to suit our needs?

At OfExperiences we are always open to various models of collaboration , we would be happy to understand your specific need and then propose a custom solution as per need.

How is OfExperiences unique or different from other players in D&I segment?

We are a one stop platform that provides end-to-end solutions to enable our Fellows to gain Clarity, Confidence, and Competence. We are currently the only platform to be doing this.

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